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We founded Sous la Taille knowing that there is a need for attractive athletic and medical hosiery. Compression socks for Pregnancy, Diabetics, Cardiac patients, Travel and Sports. By comfortably wearing these you will diminish pooling around the ankles, and make your shoes fit better. Now added - DocWalks orthotic inserts.  

This year, we get it that mobility is sometimes your issue. Time, also... So, Sous la Taille has gone Mobile. No more will I have to close the shop while I present in Retirement homes, and community social clubs. We are always scheduling, always available, to come to you. 

We only support unique companies who use the best yarn and provide their staff fair wages. As a result, our products are made in Canada, Vermont, Colorado, California, Belaruz, and Italy. 

Certified to fill your prescriptions for Medical Garments and Hosiery. We will also assist ODSP clients with their paperwork that must be completed before submitting it on Bay Street at ODSP's corporate office. We know how frustrating it can be to complete forms, and our staff is equipped to quickly assist.